3-in-1 Bumper Pool Card Table

Finally, a table that combines my three favorite pastimes: eating, card games, and cue sports!
3-in-1 bumper pool tables are perfect for parties, fulfilling all of the practical and functional niches of a proper dining room table. But with a simple flip of the top, your octagonal “dining room table” is immediately transformed into a full entertainment center. The underside of the tabletop is, in fact, a poker table. Many feature soft felt with exciting poker graphics, and a majority of 3-in-1 bumper card tables feature beer pockets on the poker table as well. 3-in-1 bumper pool tables let you turn any evening dinner with friends into a fun poker party.

And when cards gets old, simply remove the top altogether to reveal a full sized bumper pool table. Bumper pool is a challenging cue sport that will surely put your coordination skills to the test. Played with a cue stick and object balls, like billiards, the challenge of bumper pool comes in the form of 12 to 14 plastic, rubber, or brass “bumpers” installed in an “X” formation in the center of the table. You will have to be clever to sink your object balls into the pocket, lining up the angles for every single shot while avoiding those pesky bumpers!

And when you have finished playing bumper pool, simply return the top, and voila, you have a dining room table again. So much fun and excitement rarely comes in such a convenient, affordable package.
Many 3-in-1 tables are available, sporting a number of unique woodcut designs. Try a rich mahogany table to give your room a decadent, elegant atmosphere. Or purchase a visually pleasing oak bumper pool table to really brighten up your home. There is a 3-in-1 bumper pool table out there for every home, and you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. Don’t forget to complete the set with comfortable matching chairs.
Great for kids and adults alike, everyone can find something to love in a 3-in-1 bumper pool table set. Easy to assemble and quick to set up, 3-in-1 tables provide a lifetime of fun, with minimal maintenance required. With 3-in-1 tables, you can entertain guests for hours with fun and exciting games, and be the envy of your friends and neighbors.

No other piece of furniture can give you this much enjoyment and fun; so consider investing in a 3-in-1 bumper pool table, and guarantee fun filled evenings for years to come.