7 Foot Pool Tables

7 Foot Pool Table, An Ideal Size For Home Use

A 7 foot pool table is a common sized pool table widely used in homes. It's often known as a "bar table", most likely because it's found in many bars as a coin operated contraption. Affordability is an attractive feature in a 7 foot pool table. A larger table will normally run at a much higher price than the economical 7 foot sized table. This leaves the 7 foot pool table to be the most value for your money. A 7 ft table can easily replace the need for an 8 or 9 ft table. Many people are comfortable with this size of table because they have grown accustomed to using them in bars, hang outs, and billiards parlors. This makes the 7 foot sized pool table a perfect addition in your home to practice for tournaments or just to host tournament style gaming right there in the comfort of your home, because many tournaments are hosted on this size of table. This size of pool table is also fun to use because it's so versatile and can be used for many different types of billiard games.

Also, many people are able to fit small pool tables, like the 7 ft table, in their homes much easier rather than size constraints and general space issues that might arise with a larger table. It's important to take into account the size of room you will be placing the pool table into before purchasing a certain size of table. It's best to always have at least 5 feet dimensions on all sides of the pool table to allow space for cue sticks to be properly used, but there are exact sizes that can be followed when using different sizes of cue sticks with your 7 ft pool table. When using a 58" cue, the necessary space required is 12'11"x16'2". When using a 52" cue, the necessary space required is 11'11"x15'2". When using a 48" cue, the necessary space required is 11'3"x14'6".

So, the amount of space that you will need for your 7 foot pool table varies and depends on the size of cue stick you will normally be using on your table. These sizes are necessary to allow for room to make shots with your cue stick at different angles around the table. Don't forget to take into account that different pool shots sometimes require different sizes of cue sticks. In most cases, a 7 ft pool table will allow you to line up your shots and make them much easier without being crowded or bumping into things while playing. 7 foot bar pool tables can easily be personalized to fit your interests and style of game play. The popularity of the 7 foot pool table has given rise to the great selection of styles and colors of tables that are available in this size. Since 7 foot pool tables look great and play true, there's no wonder they are one of the most popular pool tables found in homes today.